Graphic Design

I love good design. In good design there is connection with both humanity and history. Further, doing graphic design specifically gives me a chance to work with others to help problem solve and make their goals and dreams come alive.  A fun creative challenge in it is that very aspect of the design is determined by concept and brand voice. The connection with others and the process itself are both fulfilling to me. I approach a design like I would an abstract or nonobjective painting, considering each element in terms of the whole composition and in consideration of each design principle. 

My skills related to design:

  • Focus on: Building brand identities, page layout and typography
  • Proficient in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Experienced with Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe Audition, Quickbooks, and Microsoft products
  • Trained in archival matting and mounting, curating/hanging exhibits
  • Photography and photoediting
  • Selfmotivation; Strong in leadership and collaboration; careful attention to detail

Fine Art


As I see the world, color is glory. This results in revealing and emboldening of color. In my work I  juxtapose elements of realism with elements of abstraction. In this way I give context to the abstract  and attempt to express deeper realities than surface objects in the whole composition. Sometimes I am sending a message through symbolism; sometimes I am merely celebrating what is. Because we celebrate a God who is.